How can I get a job at Edinburgh Festival?

I really want to work at the festival over the summer – any suggestions on how I can get a job and what kind of job I can get?

Any current vacancies for the Edinburgh International Festival 2008 or the Edinburgh Festival Centre will be advertised on this website.

There are other Festival organisations that take on staff on a temporary basis during the Festival period. These are listed below for your information:

Starbucks Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival
Tel: 0131 467 5200
Edinburgh Military Tattoo
Tel: 08707 555 1188
Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Tel: 0131 226 0026
Edinburgh International Book Festival
Tel: 0131 718 5666
Edinburgh International Film Festival
Tel: 0131 229 2550
The Edinburgh Mela
Tel: 0131 557 1400

Summer jobs in Edinburgh – any ideas?

My boyfriend and I are both students and are looking to work in Edinburgh during the summer. Apart from pubs, hotels, restaurants and bars we are out of ideas. Does anybody have any ideas on what other temporary work there is in Edinburgh (or just in general)?


there is plenty of temping work if you can type and use word processing packages. You can get work doing police line ups, taking part in medical trials and good old call centres. There is temporary work within the arts festival which would definitely be worth looking into, or you can get work in the backpackers hostels. Try Castle rock hostel and the High Street Hostel.

lived in edinburgh as a backpacker for a couple of years and did it all! There is no shortage of work.

Jobs for 15 year olds in Edinburgh?

I'm 15, living in Edinburgh, Scotland and i would really like a part time job maybe in a cafe or a beauty salon. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Tell them you will clean up and help the others get whstever they need. In return tell them you want to learn the business and in their spare time show you how to do the different things.

Jobs Edinburgh or Fife?

I have just moved to Dunfirmline and I am looking for both temp work and perm work. I have a sales background and office background – can anyone recommend any good agencies and also any good jobs papers (when do they come out too)

By far the best is Hays, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh.

Call on 0800 716026, the helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm.
They will help you get in touch with your local specialist

Hays Office Support – Edinburgh
24 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, EH2 4ET

t:0131 226 4142
f:0131 220 3102

Hays Office Support – Glenrothes OS
8 Hanover Court, North Street, Glenrothes, KY7 5SB

t:01592 755282
f:01592 755140

Where to go in Edinburgh or Glasgow to find a job?

I´m looking for a job in Edinburgh or Glasgow. Where can I find a job agency? I want to work for 6 month to practice my English and to learn more about the (lovely) Scots!
@Fencer: Thank you for your welcome! I´m looking forward to beautiful Scotland!

Job Centre near Princes Street in Edinburgh also every Thursday at Metro newspaper free on the buses. Good Luck and welcome to Edinburgh.

Jobs in Edinburgh UK: Marketing, Publishing, Legal Marketing, Media?

Looking for best recrutiers for jobs in Edinburgh for a candidate with 5 yrs experience in marketing/communications. I currently do legal marketing, but also interested in media, publishing, international communications, working with multinational companies and people. Any guidance as to top recuiters in marketing in Edinburgh is much appreciated! Thanks.

Try Denholm, Quantum, Eden Scott and Hudson. There's also S1 Jobs (

Also try the IPA website