5 thoughts on “where can I find a second job in Edinburgh?”

  1. i currently have a home-based business and if you are interested in generating extra income, please contact me at ggazda@sasktel.net and please give your phone number, so that i may call you, at no expense to you, with all the details.
    thanking you in advance
    Georgie Gazda
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  2. the edinburgh fring festival kicks off in august, get a copy of the programe and hunt down the promoters of the comediens (easy as their names are at the top of the ads 4 the shows and most of them dont bite (Underbelly are good guys)) they need flyerers over the month. The moneys not bad and u get free entry to loads of gigs/shows/parties. After the month you will have so many contacts you will be able to take your pick! No joke the fringe is great!
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